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TOP PICKS Dec 11-17

  1. Aerie Crackle Leggings - I.e Spanx Dupes. I wear a small short

  2. Monogram Necklace - wears really well!

  3. Plaid Shacket - Size small

  4. Earrings - I've had these for over a year with no complaints! Size 50MM

  5. Tarte Shape Tape - Does it require an Introduction? I use colour 22N

  6. Amazon Sweater Dress - size small. You can see how I styled it multiple ways here

  7. Aerie Leggings - I styled these leggings 10 ways here I'm wearing small short

  8. Amazon Waffle Scoop Hem Shirt - The perfect basic. Wearing small

The Aerie Crackle Legging has been a top pick ALL 2020!

In this look:

Shacket - size small

Aerie Crackle Legging- Size small short

Lug Boot

Also worn here with this shacket

Monogram Necklace - This continues to be a top pick!

In this look:

Turtleneck Sweater

Monogram Necklace

Plaid Shacket - Amazon find!!

In this look:

Plaid Shacket - Size small

Leggings - size small short

Earrings - 50MM Size

In this Look:

Fedora - M/L

Earrings - 50MM

Sweater Dress - Size small

Tarte Shape Tape

I use colour 22N in the Shape tape another huge fav is the glow wand in colour dream

Amazon Sweater Dress

In this look:

Amazon Sweater Dress - size small

Belt - currently unavailable

Fedora - size M/L

Boots - Currently unavailable

Aerie Leggings

I did a reel sharing how you can wear these leggings 10 different ways here

In this look:

Leather Jacket - Unavailable. This one is similar

Oversized Plaid - size small

Scoop Hem Shirt - size small

Leggings - size small short


Scoop Hem Shirt

I LOVE these Amazon basics! and grabbed them in 3 colours

In these look's:

Scoop Hem Shirt - Wearing size small

Leggings Sneakers

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